Text Box: 	The dart itself is often dissected incorrectly

	The weight of the dart for league/tournament play always includes the shaft and flight (which are normally 2 grams). Manufacturers and Crabby’s lists the weight of the dart without shafts and flights. Steel tip maximum dimensions are 12 inches in total length and 50 grams maximum weight. Soft tip maximum weights vary per league but are normally 20 grams and 12 inches in total length.
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Collection of Useful Information
Text Box: 	Dart enthusiasts have some common questions regarding darts and the equipment. We will address the most popular questions and statistics in this area.
Text Box: 	The dartboard setup is pretty straight forward. The drawing below should clarify. Just make sure to always measure the toe line from the face of the board. The height should be measured from the center of the bull. Steel tip and soft tip setups differ.

Steel Tip Dimensions

Soft Tip Dimensions
Text Box: 	Dart games have many variations. League and tournament play consist of mainly of 2 games.

	Both variations score the different sections of the board the same. The outside ring “double” counts for two of the numbers hit in the corresponding wedge. The inside ring “triple” counts for three of the numbers hit inside that wedge. The center of the bull counts for two bulls and the outside counts for one.

Cricket– Game starts with players throwing one dart at bulls eye called the cork/diddle. Player who shoots closest to bull begins. Players alternately shoot 3 darts at numbers 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15 and bulls eye. Once a player scores 3 of any number they are considered “closed”. First player to “close” all numbers wins. Normally tournament and league play also includes points. Points are gained once a player “closes” a number and the other player has yet to “close”. Every number hit in the opponents “open” number receives that number of points. The first person to “close” all his numbers and have maximum points wins. Maximum in cricket is “Round of Nine” three triples scoring in three darts.

‘01- The game ‘01 has different variations all based on same strategy. Players diddle/cork to see who throws first. Every dart which hits the scoring wedges counts that value. The different rings, double and triple also apply but this time multiply the value. Example would be the triple 20 one dart would score 60 points. Once a player completes their 3 darts they total their points and subtract from ‘01 then the next player throws. Starting values depend on the game. 501 is traditionally played single in and double out, first dart to hit any wedge scores and to end must double out. 301 requires players to first hit a double before they can be able to subtract their score and they must double out to win. Doubling is simply hitting the outer ring or the double bull also is considered a double. Example would be a player has 40 left they could hit the outer ring of the 20 to win. This game also has starting values of 701, 901, and 1001 which are normally team events. Maximum is 3 triple 20s that is also referred to as TON80/180. Any value of 100 or more is considered a TON.
Text Box: 	We hope to have given a little of introductory information in regards to darts. The game is extremely difficult to master and will be a challenge for your entire life. No matter what physical limitations, intellectual aptitude, or athletic ability anyone can excel at the game of darts. Crabby’s once again wishes everyone to shoot well and contact us with any questions and/or suggestions.