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Cutting Edge Dart Technology
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     Crabby’s is always trying new dart machining  techniques and innovative equipment. Darts were changed forever  when tungsten replaced brass as the prevalent material used in barrel design. What will the next sport changing innovation be? Check back periodically for the newest technologies being implemented into darts.
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		  Slot Locked Flight
     Flight and shaft manufacturers are always using new techniques to insure flights do not come off during matches. If you have ever thrown darts competitively you are familiar with the dreaded “equipment malfunction”. Crabby’s has found one of the best methods to virtually eliminate flights separating from the shaft. Slot locked flights improve on the popular interface for the nylon shaft spring. The previous method used the tip of the flight to push the shaft spring onto the shaft which tightened the shaft prongs to increase the grip on the flight. The major problem with this method was that it did not allow the flight to extend fully into the shaft prongs.


     Slot locked flights are punched to give the shaft spring a slot inside the flight which allows greater penetration of the flight inside the shaft prongs and results in a much stronger interface between the flight and the shaft. Another benefit of the slot is that on the rare occurrence of the flight actually separates from the shaft it holds the shaft spring inside the flight for easy location. No more searching the floor for the projectile spring. Crabby’s now offers all of our flights slot locked on request.
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	  Magnetic Dynamic (Moveable) Points
     Dynamic points are very popular due to reduced bounce outs. The major suppliers normally incorporate a mechanical device, normally a spring loaded collet, that holds the point extend until it hits the board. Once the point meets the board the momentum of the dart body passes the friction of the collet and the point receives a force from behind causing it to pass wires and really drive the dart into the board. Professional dart players and amateurs alike do not use this dynamic points mainly because the collets wear and require replacement often.
Once the collet wears it is characterized with a rattling noise as the player is at the line sighting in his target.
     The magnetic dynamic points still operate on the same principles, but they utilize a strong permanent magnet. The magnet allows the points to move with virtually no wear. The point/collet interface lasts an extremely long time without the need for replacement. These points also do not rattle. Crabby’s has specifically designed a dart barrel that incorporates the new magnetic dynamic point.
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	 Textured and Grooved Fixed Points
     Once again the dart world is tackling the elusive bounce out. The dynamic points have always been the answer until now. Manufacturers have began experimenting with giving the surface of the fixed steel point an aggressive surface to grab the board. Also this surface can be utilized for some players as they place their finger on the dart point it allows a reference as well as it prevents slipping. These points do increase wear on bristle boards, but Crabby’s has yet to notice it significantly. Crabby’s has begun using these points on request.
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                        Tapered Points
     These work based on the same principles the point cone does. The tapered point interfaces nicely with the dart barrel. Which reduces deflections and improves the darts aerodynamic properties. We are currently working on a dart barrel that is designed specifically with these points. The photos below are the before and after results on a dart that had standard points. A little machining was required to get these to fit correctly with a minimal loss of weight, about .1 grams. Currently we are carrying grooved and non grooved in chrome only.
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	             Fixed Point Cones
     The interface of the barrel of the dart and the fixed point has a raised area that is not aerodynamically correct. Normally it has a blunt edge that creates air resistance. Manufacturers have developed a point cone that slips over the fixed point and rests against the barrel. This provides a much more aerodynamic interface. This reduces dart wobble during flight.
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	           Slim Diameter Shafts
     The increased purities of tungsten material has allowed extremely small diameter barrels. Before extremely slim shaft diameters dart producers were limited to diameters which would allow 2ba threads to be utilized, about .210”. Now that we can use extremely small diameter shafts we can reduce the diameter to .176”. The only limitation is the weight. Unfortunately every new innovation has it’s drawbacks. Standard billet lengths for darts are around 2”. The extremely small diameters benefit greatly by added length (2.25”-2.75”). The added length allows the less expensive 90% tungsten material to be utilized. Crabby’s has been experimenting with the added length and it does effect flight characteristics. The next stage is to incorporate a 93% tungsten which hopefully will allow a 20 gram weight with less length which should stabilize the dart. These shafts use the standard nylon and aluminum materials. One manufacture has incorporated slip in rubber grommets for decades, but now the trend is threaded studs extending from the barrel and the shaft has internal threads that screw onto the stud. A standard nylon shaft is shown with a slim shaft below.
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	             Crabby’s Custom Flights
     This is really not a new innovation to darts but it is new to Crabby’s. Past customers expressed the want for a Crabby’s Custom flight. Now everyone will know you throw a custom dart built by Crabby. These flights are extremely durable poly flight. Right now they are available in kite only.
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     We hope this page has been informative and shows you the newest tech that has hit the dart scene. Hopefully you can incorporate these into the creation of your signature set of darts made by Crabby’s. If you wish to contact with questions and/or comments please email us at
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     Crabby’s has become mobile. We have now begun going to local tournaments with the lathe and dart supplies. Also we have added more wholesalers and carry some mass produced darts at great prices. Currently are servicing the Middle Tennessee area. Inquire if you would like us to attend your tournament or any other dart functions.