Text Box: Text Box: 	We hope we didn't overwhelm you with all the options available for your signature darts. You can see now that Crabby’s is truly a custom dart designed by you. If you have any other options you would like to experiment with please do inquire about them. You can contact us by email

Text Box: Crabby’s Custom Darts Design Options 
Your design is just that yours
Text Box: Shafts 
1) Material    The main materials used for shafts are nylon, aluminum, titanium, and steel. 
            a.) Nylon shafts are the least expensive and do not bend easily. They are the least durable but  break instead of  warping. It’s better to break than bend keeps the shaft true.
b.) Aluminum shafts have a wide variety of colors and designs, but tend to warp/bend over time. They are more durable than nylon but are difficult to keep true.
c.) Titanium shafts are the most durable and most expensive they normally are the wire type with an aluminum top.
d.) Steel shafts are normally the wire type and have a tendency to bend. 

2) Length    Shaft lengths are dependent on throwing style and type of dart. Sizes are long 2.25”, medium 2”, short 1.5”, extra short 1.25”, and micro .75”. Not all lengths are available in all materials.    

3) Type/Colors    There are many types of shafts such as wire; nylon with 2 tone colors and solid; aluminum grooved, striped, collet, and other intricate designs; Specialty shafts manufactured specifically for the dart; and spinning. There are many variations of shafts that we have not listed. You choose what type you want and we will attach them to your “signature” dart.
Text Box: Points
     1) These can be fixed or dynamic/moveable  Moveable points reduce bounce-outs, but also wear and require replacement. Trend currently among top professionals is fixed. 
     2) Length - The length of the point is personal preference.
     3) Type - Steel or Soft/plastic
     4)  Color - Steel tip - black and metallic custom colors     available on request         
                     - Soft tip -  extremely large selection of colors
Text Box: Barrels
1) Material   Tungsten is the modern standard for darts due to its high density which allows a smaller diameter and heavier weight. Brass is also available , but has half the density of  tungsten, which results in a larger diameter dart to get the same weight.
2) Weight/Diameter/Length    Probably the most important requirement by dart players. This is a personal preference varied by throwing style. The diameter and length go hand in hand with the weight due to how much material is available. Standard tungsten billets/barrels are around two inches in length any longer requires special material.
3) Front end    This is the interface between the barrel and the point of the dart. Round and tapered are the most common. Round has the highest  weight because less material is removed.

4) Grooving and Knurling    This improves the grip of the dart. Any size/type grooving is available. Currently offering three types of knurls fine, medium, and coarse. 

5) Back end    This the where the transition takes place between the dart barrel and the shaft. Combinations similar to the front end are widely used. We have recently been experimenting with a hexagonal transition and will post photo once complete.
Text Box:         Flights    Just as with shafts there are many variations in flights as well. Just going to list a few variations available .
1) Shapes
      a) Standard
	b) Kite
	c) Pear
	d) Slim “speed flight”
	e) Lantern
2) Materials
	A) Hard polyester
	B) Nylon
	C) Embossed (textured)
	D) Formed plastic specialty spinning
3) Crabby’s now offers slot locked flights
check new innovations section for details
4) We now carry Crabby’s Customs flights
they are included with every set unless
different flights are specified


The style and color of flights are endless. You just let us know what you want and we will include them with your darts.
Text Box: 	Accessories    Every set of Crabby’s Custom darts includes a storage case with point protector. We also include flight protectors (please specify color) and springs for nylon shafts.