Text Box:      This website explains the process
we go through to complete your set of 
custom designed darts. Click the tabs to
the left of the page show you the
various options available and to give you
ideas about what type of dart you want.
You design it from the point all the way
to the flight protector. You can also 
browse the tabs to see dart facts, 
photos, and dart players in action. If 
you wish to contact us please email at 


Text Box: Text Box: 	Crabby’s gives what many professional dart players have already discovered… that custom made darts make a difference! You get the professional dart player’s advantage at an amateur player’s price. Crabby’s designs your darts to fit your throwing style with attention that the larger companies can not provide. We make your darts specifically toward your preferences with twenty years of competitive dart experience to back it up. The next signature set should be yours. Shoot well. 
Text Box:       Handcrafted custom darts and accessories designed by you
Text Box: Crabby’s Custom Darts
Greg Crabtree